Welcoming you in our house is above all a pleasure. Thank you for your trust, we hope to be worthy of yours.

All reservations of stays in bed and breakfast of which the owner is a member of the Fédération des Gîtes de Wallonie and exclusively these reservations are subject to the present general conditions.
Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the customer is deemed to have read and accepted these conditions and to have accepted all of them at the latest at the time of payment of the reservation deposit or taking possession of the room.
The owner certifies that the rented property complies with Book III of the Walloon Tourism Code relating to fire standards for local tourist accommodation.

The reservation becomes effective and is valid as a rental contract as soon as the customer has sent the owner a deposit of 30% of the amount of the price of the stay. Taking possession of the room is also a rental contract. Prices are inclusive of all charges, excluding tourist tax and any surcharges.
The balance of the stay is to be paid on arrival at the owner’s home. Consumption and additional services not planned in advance must be paid at the end of the stay to the owner. Unless otherwise indicated, all payments on site are made in cash only.

Any cancellation by the customer must be notified by letter or email addressed to the owner.

If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the deposit will be refunded in full. In other cases, the down payment remains with the owner.

If the cancellation occurs less than 7 days before the beginning of the stay, the balance of the accommodation price can be claimed from the customer.

If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the beginning of the stay, 50% of the price of the accommodation can be charged to the client.

In case of shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of accommodation and additional services requested but not consumed remains fully acquired to the owner.

In the event of cancellation of the stay by the owner before the start date of the stay, he must inform the customer by all possible means and confirm by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The customer, without prejudice to any claims for compensation for damages, will be reimbursed immediately for the sums paid. Except in cases of force majeure, he will also receive an indemnity equal to half the price of the stay if the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the beginning of the stay or if he will be offered accommodation of the same quality or of superior quality at the price of his reservation.

The time of arrival and departure is to be agreed with the owners. Unless otherwise requested, the reception will take place at a pre-arranged time between 5pm and 8pm. If this is not impossible for the customer, he must inform the owner in advance so that he can agree on a suitable time to give the access badge.

The customer must arrive on the day specified and at the times indicated. By legal obligation, the customer will be asked, upon arrival, to communicate the information necessary for the control of travellers (coordinates, identity number,…).

If the guest does not show up within one hour of the day and time scheduled for the start of the stay, the reservation becomes null and void and the owner can dispose of his bed and breakfast.
The down payment remains vested in the owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the accommodation.

Unless otherwise agreed with the owner, departure is before 10:00 a. m. on weekdays and 11:00 a. m. on weekends and public holidays.

In the event of a reservation for a fixed period of more than 15 days, or for an indeterminate period, the parties will contradictorily draw up an inventory of fixtures and fittings. A customer who makes a reservation with an owner for a specific period of time may not, under any circumstances, avail himself of any right to maintain the premises beyond the specified period. The assignment or sublease is prohibited.


The client must respect the peacefulness of the premises and make use of them in accordance with their intended purpose. It will take into account the peace of mind of other occupants and the owner. Parents will also ensure that their children respect the rules of the place.
The booked stay is set for a specific number of people including babies and young children. If the number of guests exceeds this number, the landlord has the right to refuse additional guests or to require the guest to book another room (if available) to accommodate these guests at the advertised price.
Under no circumstances can the refusal be regarded as an amendment or breach of contract at the time of the application.