The meeting around homemade products

Breakfast to meet each other

Breakfast is often the ideal time to meet and share, in complete freedom, the discoveries of the region, impressions of the past evening, ideas and projects of everyone.
If you wish, we will be happy to share with you our adventure in the creation of our bed and breakfast, but also our respective passions.

Breakfast with quality products

We are happy to make you discover a breakfast entirely homemade. We hope to give you a maximum of energy and pleasure to get your day off to a good start.

Products made by Olivia…

Cooking is one of Olivia’s passions. We will thus have the pleasure to make you taste a series of delicious preparations of Olivia such as bread rolls, brioches, crackers, muffin, jams of the allotment gardens, fresh fruit salad,…
Of course, the exact composition of the breakfast will vary over the days and with Olivia’s inspiration.

… and regional products

To complement our homemade products, we have selected several regional or typically Belgian products such as apple juices & pear, Belgian cheeses (on request), fresh garden eggs (on request),…